Wednesday, March 22, 2017

22032017 Everyday is a blessing

Aku menulis lagi...

Nothing much
Alhamdulillah my mom already sihat
Alhamdulillah for a new job
Alhamdulillah for good health

And can i say Alhamdulillah for new love?

Melompat satu malaya

A new guy who was actually an old friend
A person yg mmg aku x expect akan muncul after 21 tahun
Why i remember this guy fondly?

Sbb he was so naughty at school...
Tried to scare me off waktu operasi burung hantu during hostel orientation
How we meet up after years? FB!!!
Short chat, hp number exchange, then an extensive series of whatsapp messages.

A surprise on 20th March 2017
He waited for me to commute together
I told him, we could have plan better (i didnt want to trouble him from his place to my office, then to my hometown and then back to his place)
He told me... it's okay, it could be short but it will be precious

Mak terkedu hokehhh...

Okay, dont wanna hope too much
I told him that selagi org tu tak jmpa sndiri asking for my hand through my parent, i wont hope for anytg...

so far, his respond is positive

He said... esok2... after 2-3 wks...
He will...

Now am keeping my fingers crossed...

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